Yocan Verve Cartridge Vaporizer

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Yocan Verve Cartridge Vaporizer


The Yocan Verve Cartridge Vaporizer is the latest draw-activated cartridge vaporizer from the Chinese vape company. The new device is touted as a way to perfectly “lay low with your favorite cartridge,” allowing owners to take their sessions with they without having to worry about getting looks of disapproval from bystanders and onlookers.

The Yocan Verve Cartridge Vaporizer is the perfect compact cartridge vape, and here are a few more reasons why you should also consider adding this to your arsenal.

Discreet Design

The Yocan Verve Cartridge Vaporizer was built with a discreet design, which means that the developers of this particular model had to do away with any flashy appointments as well as eye catching exterior features. The exterior of the Yocan Verve Cartridge Vaporizer offers a simple, minimalist look with a plain-looking body and the “Verve” badging at the bottom part of the device.

If anything, the only feature one can consider flashy is the light bar at the bottom part of the vaporizer that acts as an indicator of the running voltage level — which we’ll get to in a few — of the new Yocan Verve Cartridge Vaporizer.

Overall, the looks of the Yocan Verve Cartridge Vaporizer are plain and simple, yet stylish and classy. You are sure to love the soft curves and the strong lines of its body. The measurement of the Yocan Verve Cartridge Vaporizer is only small and compact, so you can carry it in your pocket or in the palm of your hands.

Powerful Battery

Powering the Yocan Verve Cartridge Vaporizer is a 450mAh battery. The power source can provide more than enough juice for the vaporizer as vaporizing oils, unlike herbs and wax concentrates, require only a small amount of power. On that note, the Yocan Verve Cartridge Vaporizer can make do with a battery that has a below 500-mAh capacity.

Recharging the Yocan Verve Cartridge Vaporizer can be done using USB type-C technology, which is undoubtedly faster and more stable than previous and dated charging systems. With this, Yocan Verve Cartridge Vaporizer users can enjoy a more steady power delivery and also not worry about damaging their batteries due to power fluctuations.

In terms of speed, you can rely on the Yocan Verve Cartridge Vaporizer as it will not require you hours and hours of charging just to fill up the battery.

The small battery, we’d like to point out, is also one of the reasons why the Yocan Verve Cartridge Vaporizer has achieved its small and compact design. By using a small battery with a decent enough capacity, the Shenzhen-headquartered vaporizer manufacturer was able to achieve a small and compact build for the Yocan Verve Cartridge Vaporizer without compromising its overall quality.

Variable Voltage Setting

The Yocan Verve Cartridge Vaporizer — despite its small size — is equipped with three voltage levels. These voltage levels are 2.6 volts, 3.2 volts, and 3.8 volts. The said temperature profiles that are created by the aforementioned voltage levels have been carefully tuned to meet the needs of oil cartridge users.

The lowest temperature setting is perfect for releasing the aromatic and flavorful active ingredients found in the essential oils. Vaping using this profile is ideal for when you want to enjoy a calming session, say, after a long day’s work.

Meanwhile, the highest voltage level is perfect for when you want to reap the psychoactive effects of your select materials as the said temperature level is good for activating the psychedelic ingredients naturally found in these oils.

As for those who want to find the perfect balance between flavor and potency can select the middle voltage setting for the best of both worlds.

It is also good to note that different voltage levels produce different vapor volume. As an example, the lowest voltage level creates thin wisps of clouds (perfect for stealthy vaping) while the highest voltage setting creates viscous plumes of vapor (good for cloud chasing).

Aluminum Body

The Yocan Verve Cartridge Vaporizer is built with an aluminum body, which helps to protect the cartridge inside. Aluminum does well to keep the glass or plastic cartridge safe and out of damage. The aluminum shell will safeguard the cartridge when you keep it inside your pocket as t will act as a shield from hard and sharp objects that might cause dents or puncture the cartridge.

Moreover, the aluminum body also serves as a premium exterior for the Yocan Verve Cartridge Vaporizer and gives it that upmarket look that everyone is looking for. Compared to cartridge vaporizers made with plastic exteriors, the Yocan Verve Cartridge Vaporizer definitely looks more luxurious and can withstand more torture. Furthermore, it will look better in the long run versus those made with plastic parts that fade and crack eventually.

Easy and Simple to Use

One of the best features of the Yocan Verve Cartridge Vaporizer is that it is user friendly. Compared to other cartridge vaporizers, the Yocan Verve Cartridge Vaporizer is simple and easy to use.

For example, having to draw vapors from the device only requires the owner to pull from the mouthpiece. There is no need to press any buttons or activate any combinations, just inhale from the mouthpiece and enjoy the benefits of vaping your favorite oils.

There is literally no button found on the body of the Yocan Verve Cartridge Vaporizer, so to change temperature levels, all you need to do is to inhale three times on the mouthpiece to change the voltage setting.

As for assembly, the Yocan Verve Cartridge Vaporizer has magnetic connections so you don’t have to worry about connecting various parts. Further using a magnetic setup has various advantages over the dated threaded connection. First, threads can wear out over time and will render the device useless when the threads have completely worn out. Additionally, the cracks and crevices on the threads can house unwanted microorganisms that may cause unhealthy vaping. With a magnetic base there’s literally no place for dirt and other microorganisms to accumulate. And if in any case they do, cleaning it is simple as the magnetic surface is often flat. That said, a simple wipe will do the trick and will ensure that you have safe and clean sessions every time.


Yocan Verve Cartridge Vaporizer Features:

  • Capable of Vaping 510 Cartridges 
  • 450mAh Battery Capacity
  • USB Type-C Charging Technology
  • Draw-activated vaporizer
  • Variable Voltage Setting
  • Aluminum Body


  • 1 x Yocan Verve Cartridge Vaporizer