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PAX Vaporizers




Communities rely on cannabis for their well-being, PAX works every day to bring the best out of the flower so it can bring the best out of us.

PAX believes cannabis has the potential, to benefit all of us!


Pax Vaporizers


High quality flower gives high quality experiences. This simple ethos is baked into every PAX product. It fuels PAX's tireless innovation and respect for the timeless benefits of cannabis.

It's why PAX devices heat and never burn so every session, every time, is true-to-flower and made to be better for you. And it's why everything PAX makes starts with pure all-natural, 100% cannabis.


PAX Plus Vaporizer

PAX Plus Vaporizer


Introducing the PAX Plus vaporizer, which now allows you to enjoy potent concentrate and flower sessions from the same device. The PAX Plus features an upgraded oven and screen for easier cleaning, as well as 4 Experience Modes that allow you to get the most out of your flowers and concentrates. It also has a refined design with larger LEDs, soft matte coating, color-matched mouthpieces and rounded edges for easier handling and harder hitting.


PAX Mini Dry Herb Vaporizer

PAX Mini Dry Herb Vaporizer


PAX MINI is a small, portable vaporizer that delivers excellent flavor and efficiency for discreet, on-the-go sessions. Its redesigned flower oven provides more space for your herbs, and the larger LED display makes it easy to monitor your battery life and temperature setting. The matte finish gives you a soft grip while its rounded edges make PAX MINI easier to hold and hit.


PAX Era Vaporizer


The new PAX Era is re-engineered to deliver 50% bigger, more potent hits. Its intuitive anti-clog feature ensures consistent and flavorful draws. Just pop in a PAX pod and experience a more flowerful experience. The iconic, pocket-sized PAX Era delivers reliable puffs time after time.


PAX 3 Vaporizer


The PAX 3 is a true dual-use portable vaporizer for both dry herbs and oils. This conduction style vaporizer delivers a strong, pure vapor within 15 seconds. The latest 3500 mAh battery and heating element technology result in a device that is two times as powerful as the PAX 2. The highlights of this kit are half-pack lid and oil insert; both of which allow you to enjoy your favorite materials in smaller quantities or oils.


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