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Welcome To The Future Of Smoking💨

Portable vaporizers are one of the latest and greatest innovations the smoking industry has ever experienced. Portable vaporizers heat your favorite dry herb, dabs (waxes, oils, vape carts) to an ideal temperature to convert your smoking materials for the smoothest possible inhale. These portable vape devices are growing ever more popular as a way to vape in a discreet, convenient, and efficient manner. But there's more to them than portability: portable vaporizers harness great power inside their stealthy-sized frames with high capacity batteries, advanced heating systems, and temperature control capabilities.

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What Is A Portable Vaporizer?

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A portable vaporizer is a cutting-edge smoking device that uses sophisticated technology to heat substances until they become a vapor that can be inhaled. This device has become increasingly popular with users who want a way to consume cannabis concentrates, dry herbs, and e-liquids.


How Do Portable Vaporizers Work?

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Portable vaporizers are devices that gently heat your dry herbs or concentrates without burning them. The herbs or oils are warmed to a temperature just high enough to release their active compounds but not so high that they catch fire. This method of heating releases the active ingredients in your herbs or oils, preserves the material's natural flavor, reduces the harmful effects of combustion, and maximizes the effects. The vapor released from a portable vaporizer is absorbed directly into your lungs, allowing for quick absorption into your bloodstream for maximum effect.

Why Should I Buy A Portable Vaporizer?

Our products are designed specifically for connoisseurs who want to take their experience to the next level. With vaporization instead of traditional pipes or bongs, you'll get a cleaner and smoother pull than ever before! And with most of our devices being operated by just pressing a button, there's no longer any need to fumble around with dab torches or complicated machinery just to enjoy a little vape session for yourself or with friends.

We sell some of the best portable vaporizers online at affordable prices. We are constantly updating our inventory with new models so if you don't see what you're looking for today then check back tomorrow because chances are we will have it! Find your perfect device today by browsing our catalog of portable vaporizers!

Key Shopping Points For Buying The Best Portable Vaporizer 

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Conduction Vaporizers vs Convection Vaporizers: What is the best heating method for you?

You can choose between two main types of portable vaporizer heating styles: conduction vaporizers and convection vaporizers. Both offer their own unique advantages as well as drawbacks to consider when choosing a vaporizer that best suits your needs. 

  • Conduction Vaporizers

 Portable vapes with conduction heating systems heat materials faster and tend to be more affordable. The herb that's in contact with the heating element will grow hotter faster than the rest of the load, so stirring the bowl between hits is recommended.

  • Convection Vaporizers

Convection heating systems uses hot air to gently heat herbs and deliver a cleaner, more flavorful hit—a process thought to produce purer vapor.

  • Hybrid Heating

Hybrid units offer the benefits of both styles heating methods for a more well-rounded experience.


If you're looking for thick clouds of vapor, then a convection style vape might be best for you. But if you're looking for a pure and flavorful experience, then consider investing in a conduction vape unit.


Portable Vaporizer Temperature Control

Most portable vaporizers feature preset temperatures--a set of three to five different heat settings--or precision temperature control, which enables you to pinpoint an exact temperature down to the degree. Both styles have their own advantages, and choosing the right one for you depends on your lifestyle and preferences.

  • Preset Temperatures

Portable vaporizers with preset temperatures are the easiest to use on the market, as they require no learning curve or technical knowledge. Simply click the power button to turn them on, then click the button to cycle through the different available temperature settings. The preset temperatures are optimized for the most popular vapor profiles, creating smaller sips with lower heat and bigger clouds with higher heat. Preset programs are ideal for quick hits on-the-fly without fiddling with the controls, but lack the ability to zero in on a precise temperature that is ideal for your vaping style, dry herb strain, or waxy oil concentrate. 

  • Precision Temperature Control

Precision temperature control allows you to dial in the best temperature for your vaping style. These units often feature "up" and "down" buttons that let you toggle through a wide range of heat settings, enabling you to explore different vapor profiles and customize your sessions based on preference for flavor, size, and density. These devices also enable you to find the most effective temperature for unlocking active compounds in specific strains of dry herb or concentrates. LED displays allow you to choose temperature and monitor the progress of your heating.  When precision temperature control is a priority, choose these units for the ultimate experience in portable vaporizers.


Are You looking For A Portable Vaporizer That Vaporizes Dry Herbs? Concentrates? Or Both?

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The majority of portable vaporizers are designed for use with one specific type of material either dry herbs or concentrates. The activation and combustion points differ depending on whether you're using dry herb, concentrates, or 510 cartridges - so make sure you choose a vape that's suitable for the material you plan to use. Some portable vaporizers are hybrids, meaning they can be used with multiple different types of materials.

How portable does your vaporizer need to be?

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Portable vaporizers come in a variety of sizes, with varying degrees of portability. For the ultimate in size and battery life, you’ll want to opt for a larger vaporizer—but keep in mind that these models are often harder to conceal when needed. If you’re looking for something more compact, smaller models often will have shorter battery life—but they can generally be charged via USB. Our favorite portable vaporizers are those with replaceable or rechargeable batteries, this allows you to keep charged replacement batteries ready which can be swapped out during long sessions or time away from you next opportunity to charge your device.


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