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Hitoki - Laser Water Pipes

Hitoki Trident - Laser Water Pipe

The Premier Luxury Smoking Experience In Herbal Consumption! 💨

Buy the Hitoki laser water pipe for sale online. The Hitoki Trident laser water pipe is a revolutionary handheld device that provides the smoothest, most flavorful hits possible with astonishing ease. The Trident's patent-pending laser ignition technology delivers the cleanest smoke, while preserving your flower’s true flavors—unlike butane lighters and hemp wicks, which add unwanted tastes to your smoke. Order yours today and add the latest premier luxury smoking experience in herbal consumption to your collection


Clean Flavorful Instant

The Trident combines the experience of cleaner, smooth and flavor draws of vaporizing and the more elevated effects of combustion to give you the best of both worlds.

The Laser Experience

By utilizing pure light energy Hitoki has designed a device that works like a classic ritual of using pure sunlight focused with a magnifying glass to achieve a chemical butane free experience that does not enter your lungs or alter the flavor of your flower.

Ready In 3 Easy Steps

Integrated Water Filter 


The Trident’s elegant design features a one button function with LED feedback that makes it user friendly offering 3 power levels indicated by color. Low (red) is for dry blends. Medium (green) for denser blends. High (blue) blends infused with oils.


Leading the industry with laser tech the Hitoki Trident’s powerful battery will out last any electric device in it’s category. The Hitoki will last for over 280 ignitions on a single charge using USB-C fast charge, charging daily or weekly is no longer needed.

Full Specs

Aircraft grade aluminum exterior
Carb button
Removable ceramic loading chamber
Integrated water filter
Cleanest smoking experience


280+ uses per charge
Instant combustion
LED power level indicator
Fast charging USB-C
FDA standard interlocks



Hitoki Trident - Laser Water Pipe Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How do I power the Trident on/off?

Five clicks to turn the device on/off.
Press the power button located at the top of the device.
  • How long can my Hitoki perform until it needs to be recharged?

An impressive 280 laser ignitions on a single charge.
  • How much dry herb can fit inside the heating chamber?

 The loading chamber can hold 0.2 - 0.5 grams of material, depending on the size and density of the material.
  • Can you smoke concentrates with the Hitoki Trident?

The Trident is designed for loose-leaf material, but the flower can be infused with oils on the highest temperature setting (blue), which is ideal for oils.
  • How does the Hitoki Trident compare to a desktop vaporizer for smoking dry herbs?

Hitoki laser smoking devices are the ultimate luxury in vaporization. They combine the best of both vaporization and combustion to give you smooth, tasty draws with a more intense effect than vaporizing flower alone can provide.





Hitoki Saber - Laser Pipe with Glass Bubbler

 Introducing the world’s first modular laser consumption device
 The Hitoki Saber is a compact and portable laser system that is more versatile than the original Hitoki Trident. The Saber comes with an included bubbler for extra enjoyment, along with an adapter that allows you to add laser combustion technology to your favorite glass piece!
The Hioki Laser Saber Experience
 Hitoki's patent-pending laser system delivers a cleaner and tastier experience than any other consumption method.
Form and function come together in a modular design.
The Saber's modular design allows it to attach easily to Hitoki Bubblers or be used as an upgrade for any 14mm or 18mm glass waterpipe, offering you a new and exciting way to enjoy your favorite herbs. Its ease of use is surpassed only by its ease of cleaning.


Ready To Use In 3 Easy Steps

Compact in design and functionality

The Saber's compact size and weight still give you plenty of battery power.
Uses per charge: 60
Charge time: 45 minutes
Charger type: USB C
Battery level indicator


Hitoki Saber Frequently Asked Questions

  •  What is the Hitoki Saber used for?

The Saber is designed to be used with smokeable dry herbs.

  • Is the Hitoki Saber a dry herb vaporizer?

The Saber is not a dry herb vaporizer. It is a high-end, modular smoking device that uses a laser to combust your dry herb and can be attached to a waterpipe for an enhanced experience.

  • Can you smoke concentrates with the Hitoki Saber

You can infuse your dry herbs with concentrates on the highest temperature setting.

  • How does the Hitoki Saber compare to using a desktop vaporizer for smoking dry herbs?

The Hitoki Saber smoking device provides you with the benefits of both vaporization and combustion. The Hitoki laser's technology allows you to experience the smooth and tasty draws that come from vaporizing flower, as well as the more intense effects of dry herb combustion.
  • Can I use the Hitoki Saber as a portable vaporizer?

The Saber battery and size make it portable, and the unit delivers smooth, clean draws. However, it is not a dry vaporizer.
  • Is the Saber good for micro dosing?

Yes, you can load as little as a .2-.3 of material and still achieve optimal performance.
  • How do I clean the Saber? 

The Saber is easy to clean. After every two or three uses, soak the bottom of the device with alcohol and rinse it with water to push out debris. Use a Q-tip to clean the laser lens after each session, or more frequently if necessary.
  • Where is Hitoki Based?

Hitoki is based in the USA and products are designed in Atlanta.

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