Yocan Green - Whale Personal Air Filter


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Yocan Green - Whale Personal Air Filter


About Yocan Green Whale Personal Air Filter

The Yocan Green Whale Personal Air Filter is the latest product released by Yocan. The company has revolutionized the entire vaping industry and continues to do so in more ways than one.

Previously, Yocan is a brand known mostly for producing devices that are both affordable and reliable. But a few months ago, the brand took a different step and introduced the first of its sub-brand, Yocan Black. The said sub-category of Yocan focused more on premium and tech-savvy offerings while Yocan Green, its latest wing, focuses more on sustainability and going “green.”

That said, its first outing is a series of personal air filters that promises to eliminate the odor from your smoke and vapors, making it possible to discreetly consume your favorite dry herbs, wax concentrates, and even essential oils.

If you think that this product is what you’ve been looking for, then you are more than welcome to check out its many features.

100 Percent Decomposable Filter

The filter in the Yocan Green Whale Personal Air Filter is 100 percent biodegradable, which means that it will not fully harm the environment when discarded. So, when the time comes that you need to throw out the replaceable filter, you can do so without harming Mother Nature. This is a great way of sustainably using a personal smoke and vapor filter as you can be sure that whatever you throw out will not entirely leave a large footprint that will last long.

Would-be owners of the Yocan Green Whale Personal Air Filter can enjoy going through various filters without having to worry about the guilt that what they do is harming the environment.

This move to create biodegradable air filters aligns with the company’s promise to “to transform the way you smoke by providing unique, personalized experiences tailored to your needs.” Since the new sub-brand prioritizes discretion, efficiency, and sustainability, using decomposable components falls right up its alley.

Equipped wih a Four-stage HEPA filter

To ensure that the smoke and vapor passing through the Yocan Green Whale Personal Air Filter is properly sifted, the company used a four-stage high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. Doing so greatly affected its filtration properties as HEPA filters are known for their ability to clean the air around them.

In fact, HEPA filters rose to commercial popularity during the pandemic as they have been used in enclosed facilities, in cars, and in homes. That said, you can trust that the Yocan Green Whale Personal Air Filter can definitely clean the smoke and vapor you put out during your sessions.

By going through four stages of filtration, the HEPA filter ensures that not only the odor is eliminated but also the impurities found on the clouds you blow are snatched inside the air filter. As a result, your room will not smell nor become as dirty as it would when you smoke in it using a Yocan Green Whale Personal Air Filter.

And while we’re on the topic, the Yocan Green Whale Personal Air Filter can also help so that your clothes won’t catch the smell of smoke. Some people like smoking herbs and other botanical plant matter but have difficulty dealing with the stink of smoke. In that case, using the Yocan Green Whale Personal Air Filter can help with the situation and ensure that they will not smell like they just went out of a bar.

Wrapped in a Silicone Body

The Yocan Green Whale Personal Air Filter is a device that is wrapped in a silicone shell resembling the body of a whale, hence the “Whale” in the name. The silicone shell does not only act as a beautiful body case but also serves as a means to not damage any of your devices should you decide to put it in the same bag as your vaporizers, smoking paraphernalia, or even your gadgets.

Likewise, the silicone body protects the filter from being damaged while sitting in the same compartment as your daily necessities.

Also, the silicone casing offers an inconspicuous design so no one will suspect that what you have on your hand is an air filter for your smoke and vapor. They might think that it’s a toy or other things that are not related to vaping or smoking.

The silicone body offered by the Yocan Green Whale Personal Air Filter also ensures that the owner or the user has proper grip when using the filter. With good grip, you can easily blow into it without it slipping from your hands. That said, you can be sure that all the smoke you blow will be directed to the mouthpiece area of the air purifier.

Replaceable Cartridges

Since Yocan seems to be a fan of all-things that are replaceable — probably because it knows that it’s what its customer wants — the Yocan Green Whale Personal Air Filter is made with replaceable cartridges.

It’s no secret that air filters, be it for your car or for your home, get dirty overtime. And when it happens, these filters will be in need of replacement.

Instead of having its customers buy new personal air filters every time, Yocan opted to design a product with replaceable filters. Removing and installing the filter is fairly easy and owners of the Yocan Green Whale Personal Air Filter will not need to read a manual or learn a new skill in order to replace the filter.

Further, replacement filters can be purchased directly from the company and ensure that its users can enjoy the same fresh and crisp experience as if they were using a brand-spanking-new Yocan Green Whale Personal Air Filter.

It also ties well with the brand’s advocacy of sustainability as there will be no need to discard the silicone cases since you can re-use the silicone case over and over again because all one needs to buy is a replacement filter cartridge.

If you’re a fan of helping nature or of Yocan in general, we strongly suggest you try out its newest product, the Yocan Green Whale Personal Air Filter.

 Yocan Green - Whale Personal Air Filter Features:

  • Compact and Portable
  • Silicone Body
  • Replaceable Filter Cartridge
  • Eliminates Odor from Smoke and Vapor
  • Biodegradable


  • 1 xUP 300+
  • 1 xSilicone Body
  • 1 xBiodegradable Filter