Yocan Green - Penguin Personal Air Filter


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Yocan Green - Penguin Air Filter

About Yocan Green Penguin Personal Air Filter

Yocan has launched its latest range of products under the company’s sub-brand named Yocan Green. For those following the brand, Yocan recently unveiled the products under its Yocan Black sub-brand, which emphasizes the luxurious and forward-looking-kind of vaporizer products for its customers. The products from Yocan Green, on the other hand, are curated to ensure its clients have a choice of accompanying accessories that can help them become more responsible consumers.

The Yocan Green Penguin Personal Air Filter is a portable filter that can eliminate the odor -- and to some extent -- the impurities that are included in the smoke or the vapor you inhale from your devices. Using the Yocan Green Penguin Personal Air Filter can help you still enjoy the benefits of your select herbs, wax, and oils but minimize its impact on nature.

Interested? Here are a few more reasons why you should check out the Yocan Green Penguin Personal Air Filter.

Features a Four-stage HEPA Filter

To ensure that the Yocan Green Penguin Personal Air Filter works as intended, the people from Yocan Green packed it with a tried and trusted filter technology, in the form of high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. This technology has been in use in major industries and is now being introduced in the vaping community thanks to Yocan.

As we all know, HEPA filters became all the more popular during the height of the pandemic as it has proved its worth in cleaning the air in enclosed spaces (like our homes) and ensuring occupants improved air quality in general. That said, it was only fitting that Yocan applied this technology in making sure that its customers can minimize the effects of the smoke or vapor they blow during each session.

The four-stage HEPA filter in the Yocan Green Penguin Personal Air Filter comprises various filtering systems that work to remove the odor as well as the harmful effects of inhaling second and third-hand smoke. This means that you can be sure that the people surrounding you, as well as mother nature, will not be majorly affected by the clouds you blow when vaping or smoking.

Additionally, Yocan also slapped the Yocan Green Penguin Personal Air Filter with activated coconut carbon. According to experts, activated coconut carbon is used in “gas phase purification and potable water purification industries.” That said, coconut-based activated carbon offers the same efficacy as the aforementioned HEPA technology in ensuring that the smoke and vapor is cleaned and purified so as to not cause any major harmful effects to nature and specially the people around you.

Biodegradable Filter Cartridge

Further, the Yocan Green Penguin Personal Air Filter is made with a 100 decomposable filter cartridge. That said, it will have very little to no effect on the environment after you throw it out and opt for a filter replacement. Not only this approach makes using the Yocan Green Penguin Personal Air Filter a sustainable way of filtering the smoke and vapor you exhale during your sessions but also gives you that peace of mind that the product you have purchased and the means of cleaning the smoke and vapor you put out does not harm Mother Earth.

Luckily, this mantra aligns with most dry herb consumers and fans of wax concentrates and essential oils.

Using a biodegradable material for the Yocan Green Penguin Personal Air Purifier falls in line with the organization’s goal of prioritizing discretion, efficiency, and sustainability in the experiences of its customers.

Allows Discreet Sessions

Another benefit of using the Yocan Green Penguin Personal Air Purifier, as touted by Yocan Green, is allowing its owners to enjoy discreet sessions – almost anywhere they are.

While smoke and vapor might quickly disappear from sight, the odor of burnt and vaporized herbs will linger in a room. That said, consuming your favorite herbs, wax concentrates, and thick oils, might be difficult if you are in a public place. On that note, being slick when smoking or vaping in a bar or a party might not be easy as other party-goers could easily detect you from the smell released by the smoke and vapor.

Enter the Yocan Green Penguin Personal Air Filter

By blowing the smoke in the Yocan Penguin Personal Air Filter, you can eliminate the odor from the smoke and vapor when you are hitting in a public place. This way, you can always reap the benefits of your select materials, all without raising the alarm.

Many smokers and vapers know that not everyone might understand why they consume their selected botanical plant matter or decide to inhale vapors from concentrated wax materials. That said, Yocan has provided us with a means to ensure that other people are not inconvenienced by our sessions.

Per Yocan Green, its air filters are designed by its owners to smoke discreetly. And we can all agree it’s something we all want. To smoke and vape without being bothered.

Replaceable Filter

It’s also no secret that air filters, like the Yocan Green Penguin Personal Air Filter, will get dirty overtime. And with that in mind, Yocan knew that they had to provide a means for these filters to be replaced so that its clientele can enjoy fresh and safe sessions that will not compromise their (and the people surrounding them) health.
Since Yocan has extensive experience in creating replaceable components, it designed the Yocan Green Penguin Personal Air Filter to have replaceable filters.

Luckily, the way to replace the filters are easy and will not require its owners to learn a new skill or read a long instruction manual just to do it.

So, if you’re someone who is afraid to not be able to use the Yocan Green Penguin Personal Air Filter to its full potential, then you are in for a treat because usage and maintenance of the said air filter is all simple and straightforward.



Yocan Green - Penguin Personal Air Filter Features:

  • Small and Compact
  • Discreet Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Eliminates Odor from Smoke or Vapor
  • Eco-friendly


  • 1 xUP 300+
  • 1 xSilicone Body
  • 1 xBiodegradable Filter