Yocan FLAME Quartz Dual Coil - 5 Pack

Yocan FLAME Quartz Dual Coil - 5 Pack


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Designed and engineered specifically for the Yocan FLAME Vaporizer, the Yocan FLAME Quartz Dual Coil offers impeccable compatibility and connectivity to Yocan’s newest vaporizer. The Yocan FLAME Quartz Dual Coil features the brand’s iconic dual quartz coil design which allows for the production of smooth vapors that stick pack quite the subtle punch. That said, the Yocan FLAME Quartz Dual Coil makes for a great choice for consumers wanting to consume their select wax concentrates on-the-go but still need to attend to their responsibilities whilst being in a medicated state. Yocan’s quartz dual coils have also been known for its ability to draw vapors quickly. Thanks to the two quartz rods in the atomizer, it can double the speed you get from average heating elements. This way, you get immediate results from your favorite wax concentrates which makes the Yocan FLAME an ideal on-the-go dab pen.

It offers a familiar experience as the Yocan quartz dual coil build has been used on many of the brand’s devices which is why you’ll know what to expect when you pick up a Yocan FLAME Vaporizer. This is why many consumers will be comfortable in using the Yocan FLAME because they can expect Yocan’s quartz dual coil vaping technology has been a staple and a trusted feature that consumers have always loved. If you’re new to dabbing, then the Yocan FLAME Quartz Dual Coil might just be the perfect atomizer for you when using the Yocan FLAME Vaporizer.

Threaded Design

Utilizing the 510-threaded design, the Yocan FLAME Quartz Dual Coil offers a stable platform for many consumers and makes sure that the Yocan FLAME Quartz Dual Coil does not get easily knocked out of place when using it when you’re out and about. This makes the Yocan FLAME Vaporizer the ideal da pen to use on-the-go. The threaded connections it bears on the base of the atomizer also makes the Yocan FLAME Quartz Dual Coil simple and easy to use. Almost anyone can pick up the FLAME and literally understand how to remove and replace the atomizers. No need to learn new techniques to operate the device, twisting it a bit to the right tightens the Yocan FLAME Quartz Dual Coil and vice versa.

The same threaded action is applied when using coil caps on the Yocan FLAME Quartz Dual Coil. It is compatible with Yocan’s coil caps which acts as a means to promote better heat retention and can helps prevent spit backs. These occur when the wax gets too hot and when this happens, the hot melted wax can get to your lips which could burn it in the process. Having to cap the coils also work in keeping the clean and free from resinous buildup you otherwise get from spilt wax concentrates. If you’re usnig the Yocan FLAME Vaporizer, having replacement atomizers like the Yocan FLAME Quartz Dual Coil is a must. Get yours now and stock up on these heating elements.


  • 1 or 5 x Yocan FLAME Quartz Dual Coil (Quantity depends on selection above)