Honeybee Herb

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  • Material - Glass
  • Universally Compatible - No
  • Outer Diameter - 30mm
  • Auto Spin - No

Also Known As

  • Carb Cap 
  • Bubble Cap
  • Vortex Carb Cap 


Get your buzz on with the help of this Vortex Bubble Cap! Coming in two color choices, blue and dark blue. This carb cap pairs best with a 25mm banger and can be used with or without terp pearls! 

The vortex bubble cap design and shape is necessary for redirecting airflow and will effectively move your product around for even heat distribution. This keeps your products from being burned or pooled up and wasted! 


This bubble crab cap for banger fits very well with our Bevel Sidecar Quartz Banger. Pick up a set of dab pearls to go with your setup! 

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