Vibes Cones Box King Size


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The Vibes king size cones deliver clean tasting, even burning dry herb enjoyment. Choose from either Rice, Hemp, or Ultra Thin cones. These are King Sized cones, able to fit around 1 gram of dry herb, great for groups of 3-5 people. The Vibes ultra thin king size cones are made of thin hemp paper, allowing a smooth, even burn every session. A thinner hemp paper means less “paper smoke”  and more natural flavor. The Vibes Hemp King Size Cones have more structural integrity for those who use a denser dry herb or combine concentrates. Your dry herb will burn slow thanks to the natural hemp paper, and a proprietary airflow design makes for ample and consistent draws. The rice cones burn at a slower rate than the above-mentioned hemp based papers, so your sessions get a nice extension. The pure flavor of your dry herb is on full display with the Vibes Rice King Size Cones. A proprietary airflow prevents runs and stays open for the entirety of your session. Always be prepared for your next session with the Vibes King Size Cones Box . King size cones can hold around 1 gram of material. Each box contains 30 coffins of King Size Vibes Cones with 3 cones in each box, giving you 90 King Size Vibes Cones. The King Size Vibes Cone Box is available in Hemp, Rice, or Ultra Thin.


  • 30 Coffins
  • 90 Total Cones
  • Available in Hemp, Rice, or Ultra Thin
  • King Sized Cones
  • Slow and Even Burning


  • 1 Vibes King Size Cones Box (30 Coffins Total)