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  • Material - Glass
  • Universally Compatible - No
  • Outer Diameter - 25mm
  • Auto Spin - No

Also Known As

  • Carb Cap 
  • Bubble Cap


Dab your night away with the help of this Sweet Bubble Carb Cap! This Bubble Cap is uniquely designed! Take your set up to the top with this new accessory. 

This Sweet Bubble fun cap comes in three different color combinations and functions like a champ! 

The bubble shape is beneficial for redirecting airflow and will effectively move your product around for even heat distribution. 


This Sweet Bubble Crab Cap for banger fits very well with our Original Quartz Banger. Use Honey Terp Pearls and take your dabbing to the next level!

What Are Terp Pearls? - To get high potential from your dabbing, all should know mastery information about honey terp pearls.

Titanium VS Quartz Banger Nails - Know about both Titanium and Quartz Banger to ensure the proper use of carb caps for different purposes.


Why Should I Buy Sweet Bubble Carb Cap? 

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