Spherical Pocket Bubbler - Assorted Colors


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The good times are in the palm of your hand—literally—with the GRAV® Spherical Pocket Bubbler.

This personal-sized piece is sweet and simple. Standing just 3", it’s one of the smallest bubblers on the market.

The Spherical Pocket Bubbler comes with a GRAV® 10mm Cup Bowl, perfect for 1-2 water-cooled hits. Swap the bowl out for a 10mm 45° Quartz Banger (not included) if you're after a mini dab rig. You can even use this baby with a pre-rolled joint or blunt or with a joint-style dry herb vaporizer. Gotta love options.

Load the compact sphere with smoke for smooth draws and perfect, punchy hits.

The minimal design makes this piece snap to clean. Just s
oak it in Grunge Off over night and then rinse (30 seconds of hot water, then 30 seconds of warm, then 10 seconds of cool). Use a Q-Tip to get any tricky spots.

This is your new lil buddy. Keep it on your bedside table, your desk, by the back door for quickie smoke breaks.


- Mini bubbler for water-cooled solo sessions
- Available in five colors, plus clear
- Comes with a 10mm Cup Bowl
- Can also be used with banger for dabs, pre-rolled joint or blunt, or joint-style dry herb vaporizer