Pulsar ECF Electric Cone Filler Kit

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From grind to fill without a spill!

Filling cones for friends, party-goers, and everyone else just got a whole lot easier thanks to the Pulsar ECF Electric Cone Filler. This handy device comes in its own travel case complete with all the accessories you will need to fill cones clean, rather than spill the green.

The ECF runs on a 350mAh battery which powers the grinder blades to quickly and evenly shred herb material. Its funnel-shaped herb grinding chamber has a specially made plug tip where pre-roll cones can be held in place; a cone-holding attachment allows herb to be poured directly into the cone. The included metal tool is perfect for stirring & dislodging herb in the grinder, as well as tamping down herb in cones.

This kit includes multiple plastic storage tubes for storing filled or empty cones and an additional clear storage jar which can be used as a grinding chamber on the device or for keeping your whole herb safe until you're ready to use it. The cone stand in the kit holds up to 4 cones for loading or display, and the special cleaning brush helps to keep the grinder clean and in top shape.

Includes micro USB charger cord. Limited 1 year warranty.

Note: Do not use the metal tool while grinder blades are active.