Puffco Plus Vaporizer V2


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Award Winning Puffco Plus Vaporizer V2

The Puffco Plus delivers the ultimate in luxury in design and functionality. The Puffco Plus features an all-ceramic heating chamber that uses no coils, the 'Dart' funnels excess condensate down back into the oven. The Plus's has a polished finish, designed with extra large heating chamber that is easy to load. The high quality all-ceramic construction imparts zero flavor. You only taste what you load! The Puffco Plus couldn't be easier to use. Apply one session's worth of essential oils and solids to the bottom of the chamber. Replace the Dart and mouthpiece, press the power button and enjoy!

Pro tip: You can change the heat settings to vape at the temperature you prefer by pressing the button four times to cycle through low (blue), medium (green), and high (white). For sesh-mode (12 seconds of continuous heating), double-click, wait one second, and inhale.


  • Capable of Vaping Concentrates
  • All Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • 'The Dart' Integrated Loading Tool
  • Enhanced Airflow
  • Multiple Heat Settings
  • Premium Finish
  • The best alternative to the average concentrate pen
  • The innovative mouthpiece w/ built-in tools are unique to the brand 
  • Sesh-mode allows for even and continuous heating
  • Dimensions- 3.5 x 3.75 x 0.75 in.


  • 1 Puffco Plus Vaporizer
  • 1 Extra Plus Chamber
  • 1 USB SuperCharger

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