Puffco Plus - New Portable Dab Pen


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 Puffco Plus - New Portable Dab Pen


The Plus Vision is the latest limited series released by Puffco. It's groovy, full-color battery and mouthpiece make for a sleek and psychedelic vaping experience. The color of the logoed push button is a bright green to complement the look. Made especially for high-end concentrates, the Puffco Plus Vision is well-known for its innovation. The Puffco Plus Vision has an all-ceramic heating chamber that uses no coils, the 'Dart' funnels excess condensate down back into the oven. The Puffco Plus Vision is designed with extra large heating chamber that is easy to load. The high quality all-ceramic construction imparts zero flavor. You only taste what you load! The Puffco Plus Vision couldn't be easier to use. Apply one session's worth of essential oils and solids to the bottom of the chamber. Replace the Dart and mouthpiece, press the power button and enjoy! . The mouthpiece serves as a multi-purpose instrument complete with a loading tool, splash guard, and carb cap. If you're looking to vape in style with the best quality in flavor and functionality, the Puffco Plus Vision is the #1 choice. You even get a little extra in the box! It includes two multi-colored grips



  • You get out what you put in.

    You get out what you put in.  

    Premium materials with zero fibers, glues, or coils in the airpath. Clean vapor that’s full of flavor — and nothing else.  

  • The Dart

    The Dart  

    Contained within the Plus mouthpiece, the extendable Dart connects directly to the chamber to make loading simple and mess-free. Glazed and reshaped with improved airflow for better vaporization.   

  • The Chamber

    The Chamber  

    Integrated silicone grip helps your fingers stay cool when the ceramic chamber heats up.  

  • 510 Battery

    510 Battery  

    One battery, many modes. Low, Medium, and High heat settings. Standard hold-to-heat and Sesh Mode — double click for a 12 second heat cycle so you don’t have to hold the button down.  

*Pro tip: You can change the heat settings to vape at the temperature you prefer by pressing the button four times to cycle through low (blue), medium (green), and high (white). For sesh-mode (12 seconds of continuous heating), double-click, wait one second, and inhale.  

  • Capable of Vaping Concentrates
  • Coil-less ceramic bowl
  • Built in extendable loading tool
  • Built in carb cap
  • 3 heat settings
  • Sesh-mode functionality
  • Fast charging and long battery life
  • Precision machined alloy housing
  • Fingerprint resistant coating


  • 1x Mouthpiece
  • 1x Dart
  • 1x Chamber + Grip
  • 1x 510 Battery
  • 1x Plus Supercharger
  • Cotton Swabs



Puffco Plus - New Portable Dab Pen FAQ's

Are the new Puffco Plus parts compatible with the previous Plus pen’s parts?

Yes, the new Plus parts are compatible with the previous Plus parts.  

The Puffco Pro pen parts are not compatible with either version of the Puffco Plus.


What is a dab pen?

 A dab pen, also known as an extract pen or concentrate pen, is a device used to consume cannabis concentrates. It's a small, portable, and discreet vaporizer that heats up the concentrate to produce vapor that can be inhaled. Most dab pens are made up of three components: a battery, a chamber with heating element, and a mouthpiece.


What concentrates to use with a dab pen?

A variety of substances and consistencies can be used in the Puffco Plus, as long as they are not super runny, sappy or in liquid form. 

Not compatible for dry herbs or nicotine oil. 

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