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Celebrate your love for soccer and quality terps with the Global Cup Mini Rig from MJ Arsenal, a limited-edition piece that promises to elevate your experience. This unique mini dab rig, inspired by the coveted soccer trophy, is more than just an eye-catching design - it's a testament to the blend of creativity and functionality.

The Global Cup Mini Rig is expertly crafted from 100% borosilicate glass, a material renowned for its durability and heat resistance. Its chemically inert nature guarantees the unadulterated taste and aroma of your terps, delivering a clean, flavorful hit with each rip. This piece allows you to truly savor your smoking sessions without compromising on quality or style.

Its trophy-like design not only makes it a talking point but also fits comfortably in hand for a seamless, enjoyable experience. As part of your collection, the Global Cup is sure to be a standout, bringing a touch of fun and a whole lot of satisfaction to your sessions. So, get ready to shout "GOOOAALLLL" after each flavorful hit with the Global Cup Mini Rig!

Material: 100% Borosilicate Glass (Electroplated Gold)
Joint: 10mm
Dimensions: 6.25in x 4in x 2.5in

What’s in the box:
Global Cup Mini Rig
45 Degree Quartz Banger (10mm)

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