MJ Arsenal Cache Bong

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MJ Arsenal Cache Bong

Experience the fusion of age-old wisdom and modern convenience with our Cache Mini Bong. The design draws inspiration from traditional Southeast Asian pipes, while integrating contemporary features that enhance your smoking experience.

The Cache is more than just a vessel for smoke; it also provides an innovative storage solution. Attached to the beaker base, a unique storage jar allows you to grind, store, and pour with ease, keeping your flower dry and fresh.

This multi-functional design doesn't just streamline your smoking process—it also means your favorite strain is always at arm's reach. With our Cache Mini Bong, we've brought together function, convenience, and style, making your smoking sessions as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Discover a new level of comfort and efficiency with the Cache.

Material: 100% Borosilicate Glass
Joint: 10mm
Dimensions: 7in x 4.75in 4in

What’s in the box:
Cache Bong
10mm Cache Bowl

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