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Building on the popularity of The Martian® Bubbler, The King Bubbler takes it back to Giza to empower everyone to be their own Cone Pharaohs. Long live the King!

The King has a double slit function for unique bubbler action in a blunt bubbler. It fits perfectly with most cones and rolled products and adds water filtration to your smoke to deliver smoother, cooler, and more enjoyable draws.

A frosted tip connection makes for a secure connection with rolled products. The King Bubbler features a spill-resistant design to ensure a smooth, mess-free session.

An ergonomically placed carb hole supports a natural grip with dual-functionality as both a standard and directional airflow carb cap.

Material: 100% Borosilicate Glass
Dimensions: 2.25in x 2in x 1.55in

What’s in the box:
The King Bubbler

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    Introducing The King Himself

    If you love the convenience of a traditional dry blunt but want the benefits of a water rig, The King blunt bubbler may be the perfect pipe for you.  

    The King is a raw cone bubbler, which means your session will be a fun and unique blend of dry and water smoking, allowing you to get more out of your fresh flower.

    Standing at a stout two inches tall, this handmade cone bubbler can take any rolled delicacy to the next level by evening out and cooling each hit.

    What Makes The King Bubbler Stand Out?

    Though all of our MJA rigs pack big punches and unique features, going full force with a dab rig may not be suitable for every occasion. But that all changes when The King cone bubbler comes in. 

    Plus, all MJA products are made from extra thick borosilicate glass, making this compact and transportable bubbler perfect for every occasion. Whether lighting up in a group setting or hitting it hard at home, The King cone bubbler has you covered.

    No Harsh Hits

    This mini cone bubbler is considered royalty for many reasons, including its smooth, impactful hits. The bubbles created by the water can help dissipate the smoke, which can help prevent water splash on your blunt and mouth.

    Small – But Mighty

    Like King Tut, The King Bubbler is a hard hitter despite its small stature. It draws daily smokers in with its sleek and easy-to-use design. You will be shocked at the power behind each pull, and you can more easily control intake with smaller cone bubblers.

    High-Quality Design

    With its etched conical cone holder, extra-thick borosilicate glass, and unique water break ridge, this raw cone bubbler is a one-of-a-kind purchase.

    The Unique Features of The King Cone Bubbler

    This unique raw cone bubbler is jam-packed with great features that will have you writing a rave review as soon as you take your first rip.

    Handmade by our glass-blowing technicians out of extra thick borosilicate glass, The King is an amazingly durable, dependable mini water pipe for everyday use.

    With a fixed downstem to stop water splashes and extra-strength ridges to avoid breaking, The King is truly unbeatable.

    Perfect for Group Settings

    This tiny titan is similar in stature to a lighter, allowing you to take this rig on the go and into group sessions. Though you can pass around raw cones, you run the risk of a mushy tip and unwanted germs.

    With a cone bubbler, you have a built-in holder so your cone tip can stay dry and a mouthpiece that can be wiped down between smokers.

    Important Note: Though this MJA bubbler doesn’t have attachments available, there is no need for any additional accessories because this piece is an all-in-one experience. Simply grab your rolled product, place it in the downstem opening, and light up.

    How To Use The King Raw Cone Bubbler

    When using any MJ Arsenal product, setup and execution are simple and easy.

    1. First, fill The King cone bubbler with a small amount of water — enough for continuous bubbles when pulling.
    2. Next, roll your favorite rolled herb concoction (Note: The King bubbler fits most products)
    3. Place your blunt inside the etched conical cone holder (it’s like the receiver on your water pipe) connected to the downstem, ensuring it fits snugly.
    4. Light the end of your blunt, creating an even burn around the perimeter of the paper.
    5. Once your blunt is lit, watch as the smoke fills up the chamber. Inhale through the bubbler’s mouthpiece, sit back, and relax as your blunt takes you higher than ever before.

    Want a more detailed run-through? Check out our guide on bubblers.