Grenco Science G Pen Connect

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Grenco Science G Pen Connect

The Grenco Science G Pen Connect allows you to use any water piece with a glass-to-glass connection to create a powerful e-rig capable of vaping concentrates. The Connect is designed with a patented reverse airflow technology and a spring-loaded carb release button. The ceramic heating element evenly heats solid concentrate to deliver pure, flavorful vapor. The magnetic 850mAh battery is equipped with three temperature settings (blue: 3.1 volts, green: 3.6 volts, and red: 4.1 volts).

- Load your concentrate into the ceramic tank and secure the magnetic cap
- Connect the tank to the top of the battery via magnetic plate, and insert the glass adapter into the open end
- Insert the glass end into your water pipe; five clicks will power the G Pen Connect on, and three clicks will take you through the different voltages
- Once you’ve decided on your temperature, two clicks will begin the heat-up process. The button will flash for five seconds indicating the heat-up phase, then the light will hold solid for 10 seconds to let you know when it’s reached the maximum heating output
- From there, you can take a draw and enjoy your water-filtered concentrate



  • Capable of Vaping Concentrates
  • 850mAh Magnetic Battery
  • Patented Reverse Airflow Technology
  • Spring-Loaded Carb Release Button
  • Ceramic Heating Element
  • Magnetic Tank Cap
  • Fits Any Water Piece With Glass-To-Glass Connection


  • 1 G Pen Connect Battery
  • 1 Tank
  • 1 Housing
  • 1 Male Glass Adapter (14mm)
  • 1 Glass Adapter Connector
  • 1 Micro-USB Charging Cable