GRAV Two Layer Circuit Rig

GRAV Two Layer Circuit Rig


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Get double the rotation with the 5.5" GRAV® Circuit Rig. The angle of the intake hole causes water and vapor to spin rapidly and form a powerful centrifugal force. This cools the vapor and makes each hit smoother, and the twin stacked chambers multiply this effect. There's no need to worry about splash-back with the 5.5" Circuit Rig, because the sharp bend in the mouthpiece keeps all water inside the rig. This piece includes a 14mm female-jointed dome-less nail made of heat tolerant quartz, so all you have to do is add about 0.5" of water and then you can get right down to the fun stuff



  • Comes with: 14mm Quartz Domeless Nail
  • Designed by: Justin Couturier
  • Filtration type: Double Circuit Perc
  • Joint: 14mm Male
  • Length height: 7"
  • Use with: Concentrates