GRAV® Smoke Empress


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The Empress Water Pipe is the queen of our hearts.

Now meet her darker cousin—the GRAV® Smoke Empress. Always the life of the party…but also a little unhinged. The one that you love…but you’re not sure you trust.

This 13-inch glass water pipe takes the classic beaker style and turns it into fine art.

A wide, stable base tapers into a curving restriction that you’ll just itch to put your hands on. It also serves as an ice catcher for extra cooling. (Add an ash catcher to chill smoke even more.)

A custom diamond-shaped perc has eight cuts for max filtration. You don’t have to work too hard with this one—pulls are ultra-smooth. And the long slender neck keeps water away from your mouth.

And did we mention the glass? The Smoke Empress is hand-blown in moody gray-green. But the transparent restriction between top and bottom make the neck appear to float above the base. A spectral vision.

Is it the perfect bong? That’s not for us to say. But the Smoke Empress is a must-have for GRAV® collectors and anyone who appreciates outstanding design.

Comes with a 14mm Funnel Bowl in smoke and clear glass.


- Glass water pipe in smoke and clear glass
- Custom-designed 8-cut diamond perc for whisper-quiet pulls
- Sleek neck restriction: easy to hold and acts as an ice pinch
- Sturdy 6” wide base
- Includes a 14mm Funnel Bowl in smoke/clear glass