GRAV® Medium Upright Bubbler


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Cool the burn with the GRAV® Medium Upright Bubbler. This 7” tabletop bubbler gives you the water filtration of a bong in a simple, compact design. Hits are smooth, flavorful, and easy on the lungs.

A fixed fission downstem extends almost to the base of the bubbler, so you can be conservative with your water line. But don’t worry if you overfill—a long 45° mouthpiece keeps splashback at bay. It terminates in a flat lip to keep things comfortable when you draw. (That’s important. You’re going to be mouth-to-mouth with this bubbler a lot.)

A thick, heavy-duty base makes this a killer tabletop or desktop piece at an affordable price. But if you’d rather keep it out of sight, its modest size makes it easy to stash.

Comes with a GRAV® 14mm Cup Bowl. Swap out a 14mm 90° Male Banger (not included) to turn it into a dab rig.


- Made on quality 44mm borosilicate tubing
- Fixed fission downstem
- 45° mouthpiece to prevent splashback
- Comes with a GRAV® 14mm Cup Bowl