GRAV® 14mm Standard 45° Ash Catcher

GRAV® 14mm Standard 45° Ash Catcher


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The GRAV® Standard 45° Ash Catcher does the dirty work—holding on to that ash and tar before it can muck up your water pipe.

This bong attachment measures up at 5” tall, made on heavy-duty 38mm borosilicate tubing. It has a removable fission downstem, giving smoke extra filtration and a pre-rinse before it heads into your piece’s main chamber. This double-wash action makes hits smoother and cooler.

Ash catchers are made to get dirty. They collect resin and debris from your flower, keeping your piece clean longer. When it gets gunky, remove the downstem from the ash catcher for easy cleaning.

The GRAV® 14mm Standard 45° Ash Catcher is compatible with beakers or angle-based water pipes with 14mm male joints. 

Works best with approx. 1.5” of water.

Comes with a GRAV® 14mm Funnel Bowl.


- Glass ash catcher made of durable borosilicate
- Removable fission downstem to diffuse smoke
- Collects resin and debris, keeping your bong clean
- Includes a 14mm Funnel Bowl