GRAV® 14mm Phoenix 45° Ash Catcher


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Once you add the GRAV® 14mm Phoenix Ash Catcher to your setup, you’ll wonder how you ever smoked without it.

This bong attachment serves triple duty:

- It snags ash, debris, and buildup before they reach your bong, keeping your piece clean longer.
- It cools smoke like a blast freezer when you add water and ice.
- That extra filtration and cooling give you some of the tastiest hits you’ll ever experience. Seriously, you didn’t know flower could taste like this.

The 14mm Phoenix Ash Catcher is made on thick 38mm tubing. Remove the glass lid to add about 1.5” of water and/or ice—you can use crushed ice or small cubes. (A major bonus when your daily driver doesn't have an ice pinch.)

Bonus: When you clear your bong, you can just remove the ash catcher lid instead of pulling the bowl for airflow. Same result. No burnt fingers.

And the streamlined design makes this ash catcher a cinch to clean. Just use a little isopropyl alcohol and coarse kosher salt to bring it back to “like new.”

The 14mm Phoenix Ash Catcher has a 45° arm and a 14mm male joint. It's compatible with any sturdy beaker or angle-based water pipe with a 14mm female joint. We love it with GRAV® pieces like the Small Beaker Base Water Pipe, Empress Water Pipe, Large Beaker Base Water Pipe, and Small Wide Base Water Pipe.

It's the Cadillac of ash catchers.