GRAV® 14mm Male Octobowl

GRAV® 14mm Male Octobowl


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You want good airflow when you smoke. But if the hole in your bowl is too big, your flower can fall through the downstem and into your bong water. Boo. 

You could add a screen—another piece to clean and maintain.

Or you could just up your game with the GRAV® 14mm Male Octobowl.

The Octobowl has a built-in glass screen, created by six little tentacles that hold dry herb in place and catch tar and ash.

(Yes, we know “octo” means eight, not six. But Octobowl sounded rad and hexabowl sounded silly. We apologize for nothing.)

This heavy-hitter is one of our highest-capacity bowls, perfect for passing around or getting big solo rips. When you’re ready to pull it, grab the arm on the side for easy removal without burnt fingers.

This bowl is compatible with any 14mm female joint. Add it to a large water pipe or upright bubbler to get the most bang from your bong.

To clean, soak it in Grunge Off over night and then rinse (30 seconds of hot water, then 30 seconds of warm, then 10 seconds of cool). Use a Q-Tip to get any tricky spots.


- A built-in glass screen keeps flower, tar, and ash out of your bong
- A glass handle lets you pull the bowl without burning fingers
- High-capacity bowl for multiples hits on a single pack
- Works with any 14mm female joint