Eyce Shorty Taster Pipe


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Eyce Shorty Taster Pipe


Eyce crafted the Shorty taster to be a virtually unbreakable, quick-use dry herb pipe that’s ready for your on-the-go consumption. Eyce’s platinum-cured silicone won’t hold onto unwanted odors—ensuring an easy cleaning process. The durable silicone is paired with a medical-grade borosilicate glass bowl inlay; borosilicate glass is inert, meaning it won’t introduce any outside flavors to your dry herb sessions.

The Shorty taster gives you the full flavor profile of your material with each discreet draw. Equipped with a necklace hook, and available in a multitude of kaleidoscopic colors, this one-hitter can be covertly and conveniently carried everywhere you go.

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