Cookies Flame Beaker Bong


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Hey Trendsetters! 😎

Meet the Cookies Flame Beaker Bong, your new go-to for chic, uncomplicated enjoyment. This bong isn't just about the smoke; it's about an attitude, a style, and a statement.

Key Features:

  • 13" Beaker with 5mm Tubing: Designed with you in mind, this 13-inch beaker provides an effortlessly smooth experience, made even better with robust 5mm tubing. It's quality and aesthetics in one perfect package.
  • Deep Etched Flame Polished Cookies Logo: A mark of your modern lifestyle, the etched flame-polished logo adds that extra touch of elegance, making this more than just a bong – it's a piece of art.

The Cookies Flame Beaker Bong is for those who like to keep it simple yet edgy. It's for the youth who embrace their unique style and love to express it.

Easy to purchase, easier to love – click 'Add to Cart' and let the Cookies Flame Beaker Bong be the centerpiece of your collection or the conversation starter at your next gathering.

Embrace the now. Embrace the style. Embrace the Cookies Flame Beaker Bong. Your smoke sessions just got a whole lot cooler. #FlameOn 🚀

  • 13" Beaker 5mm Tubing
  • Deep Etched Flame Polished Cookies Logo