Atmos Cartridge 0.8ml Flat Tip


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Atmos AC Ceramic Cartridges bring an innovated twist to the popular Ceramic Cartridge. The tank itself is compact, and made to work with e-liquids and other, thicker oils like CBD vape juices. Each cartridge is equipped with a pure ceramic heating element that produces unrivaled purity in flavor, but what makes the AC Ceramic Cartridge truly unique is its advanced anti-leak, airflow system. While many Atmos cartridges use our patented spring loaded pin, the AC cartridge’s connector pin works as a switch, blocking the airflow path to prevent leakage whenever it’s disconnected from your battery. This feature is perfect for preventing messy leaks during to travel, making it a great option for anyone that uses more expensive vape liquids. These features make Atmos AC Ceramic Cartridges one of the most convenient and efficient liquid cartridges on the market.