Ardent FX Decarboxylator- Herbal Activator + Extractor


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Ardent FX Decarboxylator- Herbal Activator + Extractor

The Ardent FX is an all-in-one portable cannabis kitchen that does it all. Just add your preferred material to decarboxylate (or activate) and extract, infuse, melt, or bake perfect herbal remedies, oils, butter, edibles, and more, all in one appliance.  Also known as the "Easy-Bake Ardent," this machine is almost four times larger than its predecessor, the Ardent Nova. It also features separate settings for activating all your favorite cannabinoids. It works with any herbal plant material, including flower, kief, and concentrate. It's completely odorless, so it won't stink up your kitchen. The Ardent FX is the perfect addition to your butter makers and other extract tools in your store. Customers will be amazed by its user-friendly features and versatility. 

Click here to learn more about decarboxylation and check out Ardent's Infusion Guide for more tips. 

The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on the Ardent FX.




  • Decarboxylate, extract, infuse, melt, and bake all in one 
  • 4 different settings for a full range of activation, infusion, melting, baking, and more
  • Stainless steel cavity
  • Detachable base for easy cleanup
  • No minimum material amount
  • Work with up to four ounces


  • 1x Ardent FX Decarboxylator All-in-One Machine