Angler Fish Smoking Box

Daily High Club

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Get hooked on your favorite hobby with the July 2023 Angler Fish Smoking Box by Daily High Club! 

This box is filled with lots of fishing-themed smoking gear that you’ll want to reel in! Included is a Rainbow Anodized Angler Fish Bong with a 14mm female joint and a downstem perc. You also get a Shark Silipipe with removable storage and a glass bowl, an Angler Fish Lantern Carb Cap/Dab Tool Combo, an Angler Fish Themed Dab Mat, a 45-degree 14mm Male Quartz Banger, 2 Themed Stickers, plus rolling papers and cones! It's like a party in a box! 

All this goodness comes packaged in a fully printed box featuring custom art which is like icing on the cake! 

Note: Due to availability some items may be substituted.