6" Helix™ Mini Hand Pipe - Clear

6" Helix™ Mini Hand Pipe - Clear


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Hits as cool as the other side of the pillow without water or ice?



The Helix™ Mini Hand Pipe chills and mellows smoke inside an airy vortex. Three intake holes let air in, splitting smoke into a trio of smaller streams. This triples the contact between smoke, air, and glass for max cooling. The three streams swirl around each other in the signature Helix vortex for super flavorful hits without the burn.


This glass hand pipe is as nice to smoke as it is sweet to look at. When your buddies see the actual tornado inside your glass, they’re gonna have questions.


It’s a bud-saver, too, as air intake expands even small hits. Get the most out of each burn and make your dry herb stretch further.


The Helix™ Mini Hand Pipe is made on 25mm tubing and measures in at 5.25”—big enough to feel sturdy but small enough to carry around with you.


Two glass feet on the bottom of the hand pipe keep it sturdy on your tabletop. No rolling, no spilling. And the center-positioned carb on the back of the spoon bowl makes it easy to use for righties and lefties.


- Venturi chamber creates a cooling swirl of smoke
- Center-positioned carb for lefties and righties
- Two glass feet prevent rolling