4" Sherlock Pipe

Cheech and Chong Up in Smoke

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This 4-inch long Sherlock pipe features the stoner duo themselves on the stem and an 'Up in Smoke' decal on the front of the bowl. This good looking little pipe is sturdy and durable. It's made of handblown borosilicate glass and has a flattened bottom so you can set it on a flat surface without worrying it will tip over. 

There's a roomy bowl onboard for packing plenty of your favorite herb and a left side carb for controlling the size and intensity of your rips. This pipe even has a built-in ashcatcher so you won't get a mouthful of ash and other debris when you take a hit. 

This is a travel-friendly pipe you can slip in your pocket or purse. It's easy to clean and designed to last a lifetime with proper care. It's the perfect gift for any weed lover, Cheech and Chong admirer, or anyone who loves smoking from a Sherlock pipe.