Mighty & Crafty Dosing Capsules by Storz and Bickel: Complete Guide

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Mighty & Crafty Dosing Capsules by Storz & Bickel: Complete Guide



Mighty & Crafty Dosing Capsules by Storz and Bickel: Complete Guide 

How to Use the Dosing Capsules for Your Mighty or Crafty

One of the fun things about German engineering is that it tends to involve a lot of “stuff.” Whether it’s a product as complex as a vehicle or as relatively simple as a vaporizer from a company like Storz and Bickel, you can be certain that it will include some extra gadgets. Some of those gadgets will be things that seem unnecessary at first, but before long, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

The Mighty and Crafty vaporizers from Storz and Bickel are two perfect examples of the phenomenon we’re discussing. Both devices come with all kinds of pack-ins that you’ve probably never seen before, including a filling apparatus that might seem overly complex on the surface but actually eliminates virtually any chance of spilling your herbs when filling your device.

Another interesting pack-in item that comes with the Mighty and Crafty vaporizers is a set of dosing capsules that are about to become your new favorite pieces of vape gear.

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Storz & Bickel Dosing Capsules: Benefits 

The primary benefit of the dosing capsules by Storz & Bickel is that they allow you to grind your herbs for several vaping sessions all at once, eliminating the daily inconvenience and smell of grinding your herbs and packing your vape. You can store up to eight full capsules in the magazine. When it’s time to vape, you can just tap the used capsule out of your device and drop in a new one. The dosing capsules are made from thin metal and don’t reduce the capacity of the device’s oven by a noticeable amount. 

You’ll also enjoy the dosing capsules if you’d like to use a greater volume of herbs than what fits in your device’s oven. When the herbs in your current capsule are used up, you can replace the capsule during your vaping session and keep on vaping. Remember to be careful, though, because the dosing capsule gets extremely hot during use.

Storz & Bickel Dosing Capsules: What to Expect

When you use the dosing capsules with your Mighty or Crafty vaporizer, your herbs don’t touch your device’s oven directly. You might think, then, that the capsules would eliminate the need to clean your device periodically. That’s not actually the case, though, because sticky resins from your herbs will still collect on the inside of the oven and on the dosing capsules themselves. The resins will also collect in your device’s cooling unit. 

The easiest way to clean the cooling unit is by disassembling it and soaking it in alcohol, and that’s why the Wear & Tear Sets mentioned above are so useful; you can use one cooling unit while the other soaks. 

The resins that collect in your device’s oven and on the capsules can make the capsules difficult to remove from the oven and open. We’ll discuss how to open a stuck capsule in a moment. To prevent the capsules from sticking inside the oven, clean the oven periodically with cotton swabs dipped in alcohol. When the oven is clean, used capsules fall out easily.


How to Fill the Dosing Capsules

The Storz & Bickel dosing capsules fit perfectly into the well of the device’s filling tool. To fill a capsule, follow these steps.

  • Unscrew the filling tool’s top and bottom covers.
  • Remove the plug from the center of the filling tool and place the tool on a sheet of paper. The paper will catch any spills.
  • Place an open capsule in the center of the filling tool.
  • Pour some ground herbs into the filling tool. 
  • Use a dab tool or the tamper/pick included with your device to push the herbs into the capsule until you have a small mound of herbs that’s slightly taller than the capsule.
  • Use the tamper/pick tool to push the mound of herbs into the capsule. 
  • Lift the filling tool up. The capsule stays on the paper.
  • Push the cap on the capsule and start over with a new capsule.

You’ll eventually become so used to this process that filling all of the capsules in your magazine will take just a few minutes.




How to Empty the Dosing Capsules

When your vaporizer is clean and your capsules are new, emptying the capsules is very easy. Simply open your device and tap it until the capsule falls out. To empty a capsule, pry it open with your fingernail and use a dab tool to scrape the used herbs into a mason jar or other receptacle. Don’t just throw the herbs away; already-been-vaped herbs – or ABV herbs – have many potential uses.

When the oven and dosing capsule are sticky from resin, removing a capsule from your vaporizer can be a little tricky. The easiest way to do it is by prying the capsule out with a dab tool. If you have trouble opening the capsule, you can loosen the lid with an alcohol soak. We’ll explain that in greater detail next.

How to Clean the Dosing Capsules

There are three easy ways to clean your Storz & Bickel dosing capsules, and if you keep your capsules clean and take care not to bend the thin metal, you can conceivably continue using the dosing capsules for months. 

If you open your dosing capsules after use and store the ABV herbs in a separate container, you can clean the capsules by placing them in rubbing alcohol overnight and rinsing them in the morning. Don’t refill the capsules until they’re dry.

If you can’t – or don’t want to – open your dosing capsules after using them, you can clean your full capsules by dumping them in alcohol, herbs and all. 

Consider what type of alcohol you’re going to use before you begin. Rubbing alcohol is cheap and an effective cleaner, but you can’t consume it. If you clean your full dosing capsules in rubbing alcohol, any remaining useful compounds in your herbs will be wasted.

Alternatively, you can clean your dosing capsules with a high-proof drinking alcohol such as Everclear. If you do that, the Everclear will draw the remaining active compounds out of the herbs. The cleaning liquid will become an herbal tincture, helping to ensure that you waste absolutely nothing in your herbs. Take no more than a dropper at a time.

Regardless of the type of alcohol that you use for cleaning your Storz & Bickel dosing capsules, the herbs in the capsules will be completely used up when the cleaning is complete. Open the capsules and rinse them in your sink. Send the spent herbs down the garbage disposal.

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  • Very symple hold the capsules and cap each on hand then tern to up smothly without any pressure. Hope its help

    Bob on
  • it would be great if the cap was manufactured slightly looser or some design modification to get a grip on with fingernails or a new s&b lid opener tool (maybe like pliers that apply the opening forces). I haven’t found a way that works every time…

    john on
  • After I load mine I try my best to avoid closing them tightly. Just place the lid on top gently. Try not to press down on them. In the case it does get stuck I’ve used small pair of needle nose pliers to do the trick

    Eli on
  • That sounds like a great idea!

    Jordan on
  • You can also empty the spent herbs into your compost.

    Aimhirghin on

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