Are Expensive Herb Grinders Really Worth It?

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Are expensive grinders worth it?

Are Expensive Herb Grinders Really Worth It?

When you first started your dry herb vaping adventures, you probably never thought that the most expensive vaping accessory you would one day own would be an herb grinder. Yet, here you are looking at grinders that cost $50, $80, and sometimes even more. It is possible, in fact, to spend as much on an herb grinder as you would on a pretty good vaporizer. Why in the world would you spend $50 or more on something that many vapes include as a free pack-in accessory? As it turns out, an expensive herb grinder may actually be worth the price – especially if you find yourself grinding large amounts of sticky material every day. So, what do you get if you buy an expensive herb grinder rather than just using the one that came with your vaporizer? Let’s examine some of the features that set the high-end herb grinders apart from the rest.

Santa Cruz Shredder


Santa Cruz Shredder 4 Piece Herb Grinder


Better Machining and Build Quality

One of the features that you can always count on with a higher-end herb grinder is better machining. You can expect the grinder to turn more smoothly, and since better grinders typically have textured lids, they tend to be easier to grip. That’s a great feature for everyone, but you’ll find it especially valuable if you have arthritis or regularly grind large amounts of herbs. The better machining of more expensive herb grinders doesn’t just mean that they’re easier to turn; it also means that they’re easier to disassemble. That’s particularly important if you use a four-piece grinder like the Santa Cruz Shredder 4 Piece Grinder. You do not want your grinder to get stuck or pop open suddenly when you’re trying to access the herb chamber. Lastly, the higher build quality of a more expensive grinder means that the teeth should last longer. With lower-quality grinders – such as those made from plastic or metal that’s either too soft or too brittle – little bits of the grinder’s teeth can actually break off and end up in your herbs. You do not want to inhale the fumes of melting plastic.




Sharpstone V2.0 Reeling Handle Herb Grinder


Sharper and More Durable Teeth

Although usability is an important aspect of any herb grinder, an aspect that’s even more important is how well the grinder does its job. Often, a more expensive grinder is the product of greater design effort. The best grinders have extremely sharp teeth that can break even the densest herbs down to an even, fluffy consistency with little effort. Having a consistent grind is particularly important for vaping because it helps to ensure that you’ll get the maximum possible benefit from your herbs. An uneven grind, on the other hand, leads to wasted material. The sharper your grinder’s teeth are, the more easily they’ll cut through your material. That’s not just a good thing for your wrists; it’s also good for the teeth themselves. People who buy the best herb grinders often use them for years without noticing any dulling of the teeth whatsoever.


Cali Crusher OG Slick Herb Grinder


Ability to Separate Pollen

Sometimes, the reason why an expensive grinder costs more isn’t just because it’s made from premium materials or carries a well-known brand name. The complexity of a grinder can also influence its price, and grinders with multiple herb chambers can do things that a simple two-piece grinder can’t. In general, the more stages an herb grinder has, the more you can expect that grinder to cost. Here’s a quick comparison of two-, three-, four- and five-part grinders.

  •  A two-part grinder is the simplest type of grinder. You simply grind your herbs, separate the two halves of the grinder and tap the grinder to release the ground herbs. Two-part grinders are simple, durable and easy to store. However, dispensing the herbs from a two-part grinder can be messy.
  •  A three-part grinder has holes between its teeth that allow the ground herbs to fall into a separate chamber. Compared to a two-part grinder, a three-part grinder is much less messy when it’s time to dispense your herbs.
  •  A four-part grinder has two herb chambers with a mesh screen between them. Fine pollen –usually the most potent part of the herb – sifts through the screen for collection in the grinder’s bottom chamber.
  •  A five-part grinder has three herb chambers and two screens. The second screen has a finer mesh, ensuring that only the purest pollen goes through to the grinder’s bottom chamber.

Whether a four-part or five-part grinder is right for you depends on whether you prefer to separate your pollen from your herbs or simply use the entire plant at once. If a pollen separator isn’t useful for you, it’s still worthwhile to consider upgrading from a two-part grinder to a three-part grinder due to the greatly reduced mess and waste.


Marley Natural Wood Herb Grinder


Easier Cleaning

Have you ever tried to clean a plastic herb grinder in rubbing alcohol? If you did, the grinder probably came out looking discolored. You probably also noticed that the grinder became more brittle and that little bits of plastic started to break off and mix with your herbs. Plastic grinders actually work pretty well when they’re new, but there’s a reason why they cost almost nothing – it’s because they don’t last. If you use a plastic grinder, you basically have to discard it when it stops working properly. When you buy a more expensive herb grinder, part of the increased cost comes from the fact that the grinder is made from a more durable material such as zinc, aluminum or stainless steel. Herbs can be extremely sticky, and no grinder can work forever without requiring a good cleaning. Eventually, resin will collect in your grinder, making it difficult to turn. If you have an all-metal grinder, the cleaning process is incredibly easy – just pour rubbing alcohol into a bowl or mason jar and disassemble your grinder. Drop the grinder into the alcohol bath and leave it there for about a day. After the alcohol soak, any material still sticking to your grinder will rinse away easily in the sink.

SLX Grinder 2.0
SLX Grinder
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