Source Bubbler 3 Pro Kit

Source Bubbler 3 Pro Kit

Source Vapes

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The Source Bubbler 3 Pro Kit is a vape pen that gives you the portability of a wax pen with the smooth, clean-tasting vapor production of a bubbler attachment. Source Bubbler 3 is powered by a 900mAh variable voltage battery. The Source Bubbler 3 attachment as well as the Source Globe 3 attachment are included for enjoying waxy oils. In addition to the included glassware, Source Vapes added 4 advanced atomizers to the Source Bubbler 3 Pro kit. For flavor lovers, the double quartz rod atomizer creates intensely flavorful hits with no combustion, smokiness, or harshness. The inert nature of Source Vapes' lab-tested, food-grade quartz preserves the essential tastes and scents of waxy oils with crystal clean vapor production. For big, milky clouds, the black ceramic double rod atomizer is ideal. And the 2 Source Terra atomizers are designed for efficient, low-temperature vaporization. Source atomizers are built tough with indestructible proprietary USA-tested titanium alloy. Source Vapes offers larger, more efficient units that are easier to change than the usual atomizer. Source Bubbler 3 is just as stealthy as it is powerful. The Source Bubbler 3 Pro Kit battery features a built-in non-stick silicone wax container so you can discreetly carry with you your waxy oils. Wax concentrate enthusiasts will appreciate the full control Source Bubbler 3 Pro Kit gives you over your vaping sessions, and the clean, comfortable flavor delivered by the Source Bubbler attachment.


  • Capable of Vaping Concentrates
  • Variable Voltage (3.3v-3.9v)
  • Glass Bubbler and Globe
  • Built-In Wax Container
  • 900mAh Battery
  • Compact Design