Piranha Slick Tips Dab Swabs XXL Size 300 Count Per Box

Piranha Slick Tips Dab Swabs XXL Size, White Cotton 300 Count Per Box


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Piranha Slick Tips Dab Swabs XXL Size

Piranha Dab Swabs are a necessary tool for any concentrate connoisseur. These zero waste Dab Swabs breathe new life into your banger or atomizer while maximizing flavor and smoothness with each hit. Not to mention it's the easiest way to keep your glass collection fresh and clean! 

How They Work:

Dab Swabs are made with a special blend of bamboo and cotton, featuring two different tips on each end. The rounded tip covers more surface area to wipe away gunk in one swipe, while the pointed tip works best for getting the hard-to-reach corners. 

Pro Tip: Use these swabs to clean your glass between every pull you take for maximum effect. 


  • Quality cotton swabs with bamboo sticks 
  • Double-tipped
  • Kraft paper drawer style box
  • Contains no plastic
  • 300 swabs per box


  • 300x - Slick Tips Dab Swabs regular size