Piranha 4 Piece 3.0" Herb Grinder


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Piranha - 4 Piece 3.0" Herb Grinder

Piranha's namesake holds strong with its razor-sharp teethed grinders. They are a go-to choice for affordability, functionality, and variety for any shop. The four pieces create a practical smoking accessory that features a screened compartment at the bottom where kief is caught and stored. Use the pollen pick to collect and top your session or store for later. The strong magnets ensure the grinder stays together if dropped.  This grinder comes with a hemp carrying case.

Don't let the lower price point fool you. Piranha grinders are made from high-quality anodized aluminum material, and the teeth never break.

How it Works: 

Put your bud between the teeth in the top compartment and close. Twist the grinder until you feel no resistance. Unscrew the middle to find the ground herb. Pro tip: Save your kief in the bottom compartment for a rainy day. 



  • 3.0" diameter
  • 4 pieces
  • Anodized aluminum
  • High-quality grinder
  • The larger size is great for grinding more at once


  • 1x - 3.0" 4-piece Piranha grinder
  • 1x - Pollen pick
  • 1x - Hemp carrying case