Ooze Banger Ashtray


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The Ooze Banger Ashtray is a premium silicone banger tray, that enhances your smoking experience with slots for all of your gear. You can keep your lighters, vape pens, papers, and more handy and accessible. Best of all, this ashtray has a 600F heat-resistant surface. It is available in a variety of colors to suit individual tastes. If you only treat yourself to a single accessory, you can't go wrong with this one.


  • Available Colors: Green & Black/Red, White & Blue/Green & Blue
  • Stores smoking items: vape pens, lighters or matches, rolling papers, dab tools, glass pipes, and nails
  • High Grade Heavy Duty Silicone Ashtray
  • Silicone Banger is safe for glass pieces
  • Space Saver
  • Unbreakable
  • Heat Resistant up to 600°F
  • Easy to Clean - Dishwasher Safe


  • 1 Ooze Banger Ashtray