Myster Mini Magnetic Ashtray

Myster Mini Magnetic Ashtray


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This magnetic ashtray by Myster comes with the Stashtray but it is a great accessory on its own! The screw-on top allows you to close up and put away without having to clean up the ashes every time. The Pipe Spike debowler helps to clean out ashes from your pipe or bowl. The magnetic bottom allows you to store it on the refrigerator or almost any metal surface. 


  • Magnetic base for refrigerator, metal desks, etc.
  • Pipe Spike for cleaning pipes and bowls
  • Bowl Stand (fits both 14mm & 18mm)
  • Roll-up stand for passing unfinished blunts/joints/etc.
  • Functions as 2 ashtrays in one when you flip over the top
  • Measures: 55mm x 70mm


  • 1x - Myster Magnetic Ashtray