Honeystick Full Ceramic 510 Cartridge - 1.0 ML

Honeystick Full Ceramic 510 Cartridge - 1.0 ML

Honey Stick

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This vape tank packs a punch! HoneyStick's full ceramic refillable oil cartridge is perfect if you are looking to get large puffs from your vape that taste pure every time. The dual oval 2.0 MM intake holes allow thicker oils to vape with ease, and the all-ceramic low resistance heater delivers a spark quickly and efficiently. The mouthpiece is ceramic, too, and screws off easily for rinse and reuse. This oil vape cartridge is available in 0.5 and 1 ML sizes and pairs perfectly with any 510 threaded battery. 


 - Full ceramic body and mouthpiece

 - Low resistance ceramic heater

 - Large hits, great taste

 - Dual 2.0 mm oval inlet holes

 - Works great with thick oils

 - Available in 0.5 ML + 1ML 

 - Solid ceramic mouthpiece

 - California Phase 3 Heavy Metals Testing Compliant


 - 1x HoneyStick Full Ceramic 510 Cartridge

 - 1x Rubber mouthpiece cover