Helix Bar Disposable Vape

Helix Bars

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The Helix Bar is a Disposable Vape Device, featuring 2.3ml salt nic e-liquid and 500mAh internal battery. No need of charging or refilling, you can throw it away when it is finished. Each pod comes with around 600 puffs depending on your vaping habits. The Helix Bar comes with 13 amazing flavors.

Flavor Profiles:
  • Apple: The ripe-tasting and fresh apple delivers the pure and crispy flavor
  • Strawberry: Succulent strawberries lend their tasty flavor to this satisfying fruity flavor
  • Tobacco: Earthy tobacco is crafted and transformed into a delicious flavor that will tantalize the tongue
  • Watermelon Iced: Enjoy the flavor of sweet summertime watermelons enhanced with menthol
  • Blue Raspberry Iced: Blue raspberries lend a tangy note of sweet and sour augmented with menthol
  • Blue Raspberry: Mythical Blue Raspberries are juiced for a tangy flavor capturing the sweet and sour notes followed by a light cream
  • Apple Iced: Sweet juicy apples are steeped in a pool of menthol for a soothing yet crisp flavor
  • Strawberry Iced: Sliced summertime strawberries are supplemented with a splash of menthol
  • Watermelon: The summer juicy watermelon with a note of sweet candy
  • Mango Iced: Tropical Mango collides with a splash of menthol for an uplifting exotic flavor
  • Mango: Tropical ripe-tasting mango brings you the perfect balance between tart and sweet
  • Cake: Sweet baked cake topped with a light vanilla frosting
  • Mint: Sweet and flavorful mint makes an appearance, delivering a refreshing flavor