GRAV® Wobble Bubbler


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Smoke it, tip it, spin it all around. The Wobble Bubbler is a mini bong for people who like to have fun with their flower.

Inside, the curving hook downstem sports a row of four holes to gently diffuse smoke through water. Positioned away from the joint and bowl, the holes stay submerged when you tip the piece toward yourself to light up.

Above the water chamber, a glass mushroom dome fills with swirling smoke as you draw, creating a visual treat. And the lip between the upper dome and the lower chamber creates a perfect hand grip.

The angled straw mouthpiece focuses flavor and allows for a quick inhale once you pull the bowl. Hits are smooth, tasty, and larger than you'd expect in such a cute lil bubbler.

Once business is complete, it's time to play. Tip the Wobble on its edge to watch it rotate in a tight 360° circle like a little weeble wobble. This built-in rotation also means this glass piece is downright tough to knock over.

Comes with a GRAV® 14mm Cup Bowl for dry herb. Swap it out for a 45° Quartz Banger (not included) to get down on dabs with a mini dab rig.


- 5 1/4" glass bubbler with curving hook downstem
- Four holes move smoke gently through water for smoothing and cooling
- Tip it on its side to let it wobble a full 360°
- Includes a 14mm Cup Bowl. Can also add a quartz banger for dabs (not included)