GRAV® Upline® Upright Bubbler

GRAV® Upline® Upright Bubbler


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The GRAV® Upline® Upright Bubbler is not your average bubbler.

The instant you see this beauty, your eyes are drawn to the three glass rings inside the chamber. These ladder perc restrictions create a series of mini bubbler chambers that agitate and cool smoke as it climbs. It’s a unique perc style that was invented by GRAV® Lead Designer, Micah Evans.

Pull smoke through the fixed fission downstem to white out the high-capacity chamber. And suck up smooth, mellow hits through the 45° mouthpiece with NO splashback. All the flavor, none of the bong water.

Made on 75mm borosilicate tubing, this 8.5" bubbler is one of the thickest and sturdiest pieces in the GRAV® catalog.

The Upline® Upright Bubbler comes with a GRAV® 14mm Male Octobowl. A glass screen inside the bowl holds flower fast, while an extended arm lets you pull the bowl without burning your fingers.

It may look a little intimidating. But it purrs like a kitten and gives you cool, clean rips.

Whether you use it every day or break it out for special occasions, the Upline® Upright Bubbler is sure to unthrone your current fave.


See the Upline® Upright Bubbler in action here


- Three ladder perc restrictions stir up smoke and water for epic cooling
- Fixed fission downstem
- Made on heavy-duty 75mm tubing
- Comes with a 14mm Male Octobowl