GRAV® Small, Black Accent Beaker Base Water Pipe

GRAV® Small, Black Accent Beaker Base Water Pipe


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The GRAV® Small Beaker Base Water Pipe - Black Accents is the solo piece for the mad scientist within.

This small beaker water pipe measures up at 8.25” tall—big enough for serious rips, and small enough that it’s easy to tuck away.

The beaker base creates a roomy chamber to fill, while adding stability to the piece. Add about 1.5” of water for smooth pulls through the fixed fission downstem that effortlessly diffuses smoke.

In the tube, a geometric pinch serves as an ice catcher to super-chill your hit. And it blocks water from the tube to keep your mouth dry. A thick glass flange atop the mouthpiece makes for comfortable pulls, while also serving as a hand-stop to help prevent accidental drops.

This beaker water pipe is made from crystal clear borosilicate glass with black accents at the base and mouthpiece for a little va-va-voom.

Pack a bowl of your favorite dry herb and conduct your own experiments in greenery. You just might be surprised by the power in this small take on the classic beaker bong.

Looking for something a little bigger? This glass beaker with black accents is also available in Medium (12.25") and Large (16.5").

Comes with a GRAV® 14mm Cup Bowl.


- 8.25" glass beaker bong
- 45° fixed fission downstem
- Geometric pinch acts as splash guard and ice catcher
- Black accents at base and mouthpiece
- Includes 14mm Cup Bowl