GRAV® Quartz Vape Straw with Dab Dish


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The GRAV® Quartz Vape Straw & Dab Dish is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to dab. It’s a foolproof two-piece system that lets you vaporize oil, wax, and shatter in seconds—with no dab rig and no banger.

The quality borosilicate glass dish creates a base for your concentrate. You can set it on a table, or hold it in your hand for while you dab.

The quartz dab straw has a tapered cone tip and a comfortable, squared-off mouthpiece. The shape also means you can lay the straw on a table and it won’t go rolling away.

To use, heat the tapered end of the dab straw with a pen lighter or a regular torch on a low setting. The quartz will get hot in just a few seconds and be ready to go.

Touch the quartz dab straw tip to the concentrate in your dish to vaporize it instantly, and inhale all that goodness. Sound too good to be true? It ain’t.

Just dip it and sip it.


- Simple system for vaporizing cannabis concentrate
- Includes heat-resistant quartz dab straw and borosilicate dish
- Perfect for dabbing on-the-go