GRAV® Helix™ Chillum

GRAV® Helix™ Chillum


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The air-cooling wizardry of the Venturi chamber meets the ease of a Taster® with the GRAV® Helix™ Chillum.

This palm-sized glass chillum is just 3.25” long, with a cylinder bowl at one end and a Venturi chamber mouthpiece at the other.

The Venturi chamber features three intake holes that draw in air along with your smoke. The airflow creates a whirling vortex that cools your hit and makes a mesmerizing visual display. 

This chillum is also a great bud-saver. Get big hits off of just a little herb, and make your supply last longer. 

At the bottom of the chillum, a small glass marble prevents rolling between uses. (Marbles come in assorted colors.) Keep your chillum on the table and your flower off the floor.

This is no plain hollow tube. It's a serious upgrade to the average chillum, and it will have you smoking clean in seconds with no water or attachments. 


- 3.25” glass chillum
- Features a Venturi chamber mouthpiece to swirl and cool smoke
- Glass marble keeps chillum stable when not in use