GRAV® Dugout


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The GRAV® Dugout is an all-in-one smoking system designed for getting high on-the-go.

Because you’ve got shit to do and places to be.

Made from tough anodized aluminum, this kit includes cannabis storage and a one-hitter in a single tidy package.

A quick twist of the lid reveals two separate chambers. One holds a spring-loaded aluminum taster topped with jagged teeth for effortless grinding and loading.

The other chamber is storage for your ground flower. Do a quick supply check through the polycarbonate window along the side to make sure you’re well-stocked.

At the bottom of the dugout, a recessed cleanout with stainless steel pin lets you clear the bowl after smoking.

A travel case (included) has plenty of space for the dugout and a lighter. Secure it to a keychain, belt loop, or inside a bag with the attached metal carabiner.

To use, twist the lid. The taster will pop right out. Insert the toothy end into the flower side of the dugout, and twist to pack with flower. Now you’re ready to light up.

When you’re done, insert the bowl end into the recess at the bottom of the dugout to clear out any stuck bits. Pop the taster back into the holder and you’re ready to take over the world. (Or whatever is on the agenda today.)

Slip it in your pocket. Toss it in your purse. Your briefcase. Backpack. Tuck it in a sock. Under a hat. You get the idea.


- Includes flower storage, a one-hitter, and carrying case
- Made from durable anodized 6061-T6 aluminum
- Comes in 10 vibrant colors


See it in action here