GRAV® 10mm Cup Bowl

GRAV® 10mm Cup Bowl


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The GRAV® 10mm Cup Bowl is the preferred personal bowl for solo smokers.

No passing allowed—this one is just for you.

The 10mm Cup Bowl is a small piece designed to make the most of your favorite mini bubbler. It's made of quality borosilicate glass with a sturdy neck to stave off breakage. A ground glass joint makes a tight seal against the downstem, so smoke can't escape.

The biggest complaint about small bowls? They can get too hot to handle. So this one features a glass maria around its stem so you can pull it without burning yourself.

This glass bowl is compatible with any 10mm female joint. The minimalist design looks slick without distracting from your bubbler. It’s perfect for solo sessions on mini bongs like GRAV® Pocket Bubblers, the GRAV® Mini Beaker, or the GRAV® Mini Round Base Water Pipe.

Smoke time, party of one.


- Compatible with any 10mm female joint
- Designed with a glass maria to prevent burnt fingers