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The G Pen Nova LXE is a sleeker, more powerful upgrade of the original Nova vaporizer. The Nova LXE features a 100% ceramic heating element. The ceramic nail means that no outside flavors will attach themselves to your material or heating element. The patented reverse airflow and “check” ball system evenly heats your concentrates during your sessions. With its reverse airflow system, your temperature is consistently producing a hefty amount of vapor. The Nova LXE tank has a detachable stainless steel loading tool on the bottom of the mouthpiece. This tool makes it easy to load your concentrates in the ceramic heating chamber. The new mouthpiece is also engineered to reduce sticking and prevent clogs from delivering your vapor directly and efficiently. The 650mAh battery features over double the original Nova’s output. This upgraded battery has voltages of 3.2V, 3.6V, and 4.1V to allow for a full range of experiences during your sessions. The lower voltages ensure a flavorful draw, while the highest option is for those who want thicker vapor. The “extended draw mode” preheats the ceramic oven for 10 seconds to build up vapor. The 510 threading of the G Pen Nova LXE’s battery also makes it compatible with most 510 cartridges.




  • Capable of Vaping Concentrates
  • Reverse Airflow Technology
  • Variable Voltage 
  • Upgraded 650mAh Battery
  • Extended Draw Mode 
  • Stainless Steel Loading Tool 
  • 100% Ceramic Atomizer 



  • 1 G Pen Nova LXE Battery
  • 1 G Pen Nova LXE Tank 
  • 1 Micro-USB Charging Cable  

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