Coil Master DIY Build Kit Mini by Coil Master

Coil Master

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The DIY Kit Mini is compact, portable and outdooor friendly, all tools are specially designed for the smaller sized kit. All are manufactured using the same high quality materials we are accustomed to from Coil Master. The DIY Mini Kit comes together in a nice padded case for better protection to the items inside.  Included in the kit is a new set of ceramic tweezers so you don’t have to worry about heat transfer like you would with a metal set.  The ceramic tweezer will fit around many different sizes of RDA's and RDTA's. The set comes with the Coil Master Phillips and Flat Head screwdrivers, smaller version of the coil Master wire cutters, fold up scissors and 2 pieces of Coil Master Japanese cotton.  The included coil jig comes with six different size rods for different size internal diameter coils.  The Coil Master DIY Kit Mini is a great build kit tool set, and a must for any serious builder with an on-the-go lifestyle

  • 1  Mini Diagonal Pliers 
  • 1  Stainless steel Folding Scissors 
  • 1  Mini Pen styled Phillips Screwdrivers
  • 1  Mini Pen styled Flathead Screwdrivers
  • 1  Tweezers
  • 1  Coiling Kit V4  
  • 1  Mini Pen styled Flathead Screwdrivers 
  • 2  Japanese Organic Cotton