Clapton Kanthal Wire 10 ft by Wulf Mods

Clapton Kanthal Wire 10 ft by Wulf Mods

Wulf Mods

  • $6.99

WulfMods wire is constructed with high-grade Kanthal metal, providing delicious taste and maximum vapor output. Whether you're looking to build your own atomizer or just want to replace the coils in the vape you already have, this WulfMods wire is crafted from premium quality metal alloys, and it is designed to streamline the process of building/replacing your own coils while delivering the perfect-tasting vape experience. Coils made using this wire have high compatibility and can be used with virtually all brands of vaporizers. 


*Although it is intended to be used by experienced vape builders, newcomers can also discover how to build their own with this WulfMods wire by checking out the wealth of online tutorials available. 

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